Summary of the Cachaça
Encantos da Marquesa Production.

Encantos da Marquesa (literally means Charms of the Marquise)

From the sugar cane fields to the bottling, get to know a bit more about the production of Cachaça Meia Lua, a drink that strives for excellence in every step of its production which justifies the fact that it has reached the status quo of an exporting product without leaving the sweet taste of Brazilian history within each bottle.

From the planting fields of sugar cane without pesticides begins the manufacturing process; the second step is to carry the cane to the mill in order to extract the cane juice.

The juice extraction is the next step: in the machine, the sugarcane bagasse goes one way and the juice goes through a pipe in another way, which is then sieved and stored in a stainless steel vat.

Then the juice is brought to a fermentation area and is kept resting in larger stainless steel vats; subsequently, it is distilled in a special copper still.

After distillation, the drink proceeds to be aged in hardwood casks that add a touch of flavor to the drink.

After aging, the beverage is finally bottled for distribution from where reaches the tables of our consumers.


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