All about Cachaça Meia Lua

Founded in 1988, the Industry, Trade and Export Cachaça Meia Lua, produces enthusiastically the Brazilian legitimate first line cachaça.

It is located in the city of Salinas, the national capital of cachaça. We care to maintain the internationally recognized quality of the cachaça and to preserve the history of this region.

We are members of APACS - The Producers Association of Handcrafted Salinas Cachaça (View Site) and our cachaça has been rewarded many times, having won the Seventh World Festival of Salinas Cachaça in 2008 and again in 2010 with the IX World Festival of Salinas Cachaça

Meia Lua Ideology

Distilled Cane Drink, Superior Quality handmade products

To ensure tasty products with high quality from the field to the costumers cup; products that are capable of arousing the complexity of the taste sense.

Strategic Positioning::
To ensure the best drink to consumers, backed by high operational efficiency, by solid relationship with suppliers and customers, by a strong known brand, by closeness to the consumers market and, especially, by people committed and motivated in the process.

Ethics: a matter of principles;
Excellence in technology and service;
Commitment to quality and to the environment;
Appreciation and respect to Employees, Shareholders, Suppliers, Customers and Consumers.

To increase sales by 10% a year conquering the markets and improve the concept of our cachaça to the category of a first line distillated drink.

History of Salinas Cachaça

From Birth to the National and International Tables

Salinas Cachaça has in its history a life dedicated to the production process, an inheritance from father to son and a knowledge enhancement to achieve high quality. It started at a time when the whole process meant a lot of manual hard work like grinding the cane in a wooden mill pulled by ox, manually washing the dark bottles, bottling and labeling. Today, some of the handcraft processes are kept, but always with compliance to legislation to guarantee the best quality and hygiene.

The Emergence of the Brand Salinas Cachaça

1942 - The brand "Havana" appeared by the hands of the producer Anísio Santiago. He was the first cachaça producer to associate the drink to a brand, giving origin and personality to the product.

1972 - Mr. João Fernandes Sobrinho began producing cachaça and gave birth to the brand "Meia Lua" ( literally means Half Moon)

1988 - Ailton Alves Fernandes, a business leader and the producer of high quality cachaças like Salinas, founded the "Meia Lua" and increased its production which led to a new brand known as "Meia Lua Prata" (literally means Half Silver Moon) and in 2006 launched the brand "Beleza de Minas" (literally means Beauty of Minas )
Today, in partnership with Guilherme Alcântara, Cachaça Meia Lua, is an internationally recognized product, the first cachaça to be exported to the United States . Cachaça Meia Lua has distributors throughout the country and preserves the quality of the region of Salinas to offer to the connoisseurs a traditional and refined drink.


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